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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Begin the process for bringing in Mifos I/O as Apache Fineract CN
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 08:18:15 GMT
Hey all,

I'd like to begin discussion to bring Mifos I/O in to the Fineract
project as Apache Fineract CN.  I propose the following process to get
us there.  Note that this is a discussion thread.  I will send a
voting thread once discussion has died down.

A.) Discuss and vote to accept the code into the Fineract project and
begin the Apache processes. We should not proceed beyond this point
until at least 2/3 of the Committers have voted. My preference is that
we reach 100%.
B.) Go through the IP clearance process (1) for that code via the
Incubator. This will probably require at least:
   a.) A software grant from the Mifos Initiative
   b.) A CLA from Kuelap
   c.) An iCLAs from Mark van Veen, Nina Delvos, and Riana Allen.
   d.) A thorough check through of the code to make sure those of us
working on it haven't missed any licensing issues.
C.) Discuss the necessary infrastructure for the code, and place the
corresponding requests with the INFRA team. This will at least include
JIRA, and github.
D.) Move the code and rename the packages from Mifos to Fineract.
E.) After migrating the code resolve any release-blockers which might remain.
F.) Go through the final QA/Release process for the new code base.
Release under the name Fineract CN to disambiguate from the current
Fineract code base.
G.) Announce and document.
H.) goto E.

I am *not* proposing that we stop development on the existing Fineract
code base.  That is a decision for each individual contributor to
make, and it's not a decision that needs to be made at this time.

This will be a long process. It may be late October before we are even
at C.  Please be patient once we get going.

Do you see anything that I've missed? Do you have any concerns?

Best Regards,
Myrle Krantz
Individual Contributor, Apache Fineract


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