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From Adriana Pinto <>
Subject RE: Reverse overdue charges application - MIFOS
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 15:19:31 GMT
Hi All,
Thank you for all your answers.
Actually, it is necessary for us because when the client makes a repayment, it might not be
registered in the system until some days or weeks later, then the overdue charges if are applied
daily, have to be reversed from de current date until the date the repayment was done.
Then, it is the approach we are looking for.
We had already figured out the “Waiving charges” process, but as Zayyad said, it would
work better if there were a job doing the contrary process of applying overdue charges, like
“Reverse overdue charges” by date or any moment in the time.

Kind regards,

De: Ippez Robert []
Enviado el: viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017 08:32 a.m.
CC: Adriana Pinto <>; Nazeer Shaik <>;
Alex Moses <>; Juan Pablo Alvarez <>;
Jose Garcia <>; Erick Gonzalez <>;
Ed Cable <>
Asunto: Re: Reverse overdue charges application - MIFOS

Hi All,
Its so good that this discussion has come up. I have realized a case or two with waiving overdue
charges too. When you waive these charges and a client finishes his/her loan [obligation met],
the loan status is closed which is right but now when you view this client's loan statement
report provided as pentaho report you will find there is a balance running for this closed
in the  report which i havce realized as the total amount of the waived charges.

In my thinking, when you waive a charge, it should reduce the overdue amount but its not registered
as an income for the MFI.

Anyone has an explanation for this or this is a bug?

Two, Indeed when charges accumulate, they become hard to waive one by one. So am suggesting
that the waive button in the community-app should not apply or be shown to all overdue charge
rows in the table but rather make it one for all such that when someone clicks on this button,
then it should bring up a page where the staff can enter the amount he/she wants to adjust/waive
off. Then at the backend the system can either split this lump some amount into the respective
overdue charges and waived them individually or some bulk waiving can be done logically?

All in all, some work need to be done here with overdue charges waiving - Batch Waive should
be done.

Ippez Robert

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 4:59 PM, Zayyyad A. Said <<>>
Hi all,

I think it would be appropriate to have a function to waive all penalties at once.

We have also received complains that its tiresome to waive one by one especially for daily
accrual and when the charges have accrued for a long time.

We have a client who has devised a workaround when they want to close a loan account with
penalties accrued; they record all payments made to the loan and do “Undo Disbursal” which
reverses all payments and removes the penalties accrued. Then they disburse the loan again
and reapply the payments made to close the loan account.


Zayyad A. Said | Chairman & C.E.O

Cell No.: +254 716 615274<tel:+254%20716%20615274> | Skype: zsaid2011

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From: Santosh Math [<>]
Sent: 18 August 2017 04:18 PM
To: Adriana Pinto <<>>
Cc: Dev <<>>;<>;<>; Juan Pablo Alvarez <<>>;
Jose Garcia <<>>; Erick Gonzalez
<<>>; Ed Cable <<>>
Subject: Re: Reverse overdue charges application - MIFOS

Hi Adriana,

In the loan account, go to 'Charges' tab and click on waive the charge. Check the screenshot.
 But each charge(penalty) must be waived one by one. Can't select all at once.


On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 6:41 PM, Ed Cable <<>>

I'm moving this discussion to the Apache Fineract developer list so the entire community can
partake in supporting you.



On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Adriana Pinto <<>>
Hello to the community.
We’ve been working on having a complete functionality of our approach, but we got an issue
at the moment of applying overdue charges when running the job:
Is there any workaround to reverse the overdue charges application?
This is necessary, because the overdue charges are being applied daily, but if the repayment
is made before applying the charges, but it is not registered at the system, we need to reverse
the calculation and “remove” this charges from the final outstanding.
If there is not already a workaround, could you please guide us in the better way to fix it
in order to reuse all the resources provided by the system.

Thank you all,

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Ed Cable
President/CEO, Mifos Initiative<> | Skype: edcable | Mobile: +1.484.477.8649<tel:(484)%20477-8649>

Collectively Creating a World of 3 Billion Maries | [Imagen quitada por el
remitente.] <>  [Imagen quitada por el remitente.] <>

Thanks  and Regards
Santosh Math
Lead QA & Support
Conflux Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Ippez Roberts
Director & Founder - Skyline Technologies Uganda
"IT Consultants & Engineers"
P.O.Box 155, Moyo
Tel: +256788725408/789643284
Skype ID: ippez.robert1
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