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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Upping our truck factor
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2017 08:06:01 GMT
Hi all,

We have an awesome community.  In particular, we've been very good at
responding to people's request for help getting Fineract working for
their use cases.  But we also have some things we need to work on.

Specifically we have several bottlenecks in our community:

1.) Only Nazeer is merging PR's.
2.) Only Nazeer is serving as a release manager.
3.) Only Myrle is moderating the lists (apart from the mentors who
will eventually step out).

This is called "having a truck factor of one", because if a truck hits
one of us (or if we win the lottery and decide never to do anything
for Fineract again), then the entire project would fail (1).  This is
already causing us problems in some areas: for example our PR's are
backed up

I'm not writing this to lecture anyone.  I know there are reasons for
the way things are.  That doesn't mean we should just accept it

Let's start by improving our understanding of the problem.  Would each
committer please say:
1.) Are you doing something that only you are doing, and that you
believe should be shared more widely?
2.) What are the reasons why you aren't doing one of the activities on
our "bottleneck" list?

I'll start:
1.) List moderation.
2.) I'm not merging PR's because I'm not sufficiently familiar with
the current generation Fineract code to feel comfortable evaluating
those PR's.  I'm not serving as a release manager, because I don't
have enough insight into when we are release-ready, and because there
are several pieces of technical knowledge I'd need to acquire to be a
release manager which I don't yet have.  For these reasons, I've
chosen to focus my energies on Fineract CN instead.

Best Regards,
Myrle Krantz

P.S. After we have a list of causes, I'll initiate a round of
discussion about how we can resolve the causes.


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