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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Re: Next Steps for Bringing Generation 3 Architecture into Apache Fineract
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2017 08:57:01 GMT
>> I want to be the kind of
>> person who provides actionable information, and requests, so I made a
>> decision based on that experience: I will not ask for help on a
>> project again until I am ready to personally guide a new contributor
>> through the process of contributing:
>> * getting the new project building,
>> * understanding the project structure,
>> * finding appropriate tickets, and
>> * getting their pull request merged.
> That's a good checklist to have in place. With Apache Fineract Version 1,
> we try our best to do that and I hope that others in the community can
> hopefully start the doing the same for Gen 3/Apache Fineract Version 2
> without you or anybody from Kuelap having to be a bottleneck.

Unfortunately there are aspects of this that we need to work on.  In
particular pull requests.  As I pointed out in my last report to the
board, there are 38 open pull requests stretching back to March, 2016.
You can see them here:

Also unfortunately: I got no response to that.

We also have some other important holes:
* Take your first steps in confluence contains no information on
building the project.
* Take your first steps links to the issue tracker, but we do not seem
to have a tag for newbie issues or issues for non-programmers such as
people who are interested in contributing QA, requirements collection,
or documentation. If we do have such a tag, or tags, they are not
documented in the "Take your first steps" page.

I'd like to do better on these points when we submit Fineract CN, but
clearly doing so is not trivial, or else we'd be doing better.

>> Beyond both of these lists there is still more required to make this
>> code into part of a successful Apache project:
>> * addition of RAT to the build process,
>> * adjustments to the project to remove non-Apache licensed code
>> (potentially),
>> * communications between Mifos and Apache to donate a tranche of code to a
>> TLP,
>> * communication with the Apache INFRA team to set up source
>> repositories, and artifact repositories,
>> * adjustments to JIRA to make it possible to mark tickets for which
>> Gen, and which component,
>> * release management for a new kind of release structure, and
>> * collective decision-making about the future project direction.
> This was the aim of the wiki page - can you please add those there? These
> are exactly the kinds of items I wanted listed so we can discuss with other
> Apache community and Mifos community members, how they could possibly
> contribute in completing these prerequisites.

Once I'm ready to support people in these tasks, I'll add them as JIRA
tickets.  It's easier to track them that way.  Before we can do that
though, I see two pre-requisites:

1.) The Apache Fineract project has to accept the Fineract CN code.
2.) The Mifos Initiative has to donate the code to the ASF and the ASF
has to accept it.

Given the ground-swell of interest in Fineract CN, the first point is
likely mostly a formality.  I still want a formal vote though, with
close to 100% participation.  This is a significant move, and it's
important to me that the Apache Fineract committers explicitly express
willingness to take on the responsibility.

I'm not entirely certain how step 2 proceeds.  The easiest way to find
out is to run it by the incubator -- that's where the Apache experts
for code donation "live".  Presumably the Mifos Initiative (ie Ed
Cable) will have to sign some forms and send them to the ASF, and the
ASF board will have to vote on it at a board meeting.  In this
process, one very significant contributor to that code base (Mark van
Veen) will probably need to sign an iCLA.  The rest of us already have
an iCLA on file with the ASF.

Let me be very clear on this: the code belongs to the Mifos
Initiative.  It doesn't belong to the ASF, and it doesn't belong to

> I hope that by getting these lists out in the open, we can take some work
> off your plate.

Don't worry -- I will communicate openly about anything anybody else
can do to support this process.

Best Regards,
Myrle Krantz

Solution Architect, Kuelap, Inc

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