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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Re: Release date for Mifos IO (Gen 3) framework as part of Apache Fineract
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2017 09:09:54 GMT
On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 5:18 AM, Nayan Ambali <> wrote:
> We are using customised Fineract backed and customised Mifos community
> front end.

Just so you know, we have not made any attempt at backwards
compatibility at the REST level.  It would not really have been
possible in a microservices architecture.  Likewise we haven't
replicated all functionality of the Fineract backend.

For this reason, the Mifos community app will not work with the new
back end.  If you wish to continue to use the Mifos community app you
will have additional work:

* changing the calls from the Mifos community app, or
* creating a gateway which emulates the Apache Fineract 1.0 for the
endpoints you use, or
* customizing the UI we've created (called fims), and replacing your
customized Mifos community app with it.

Or perhaps you have another solution based on your specific use case.
I look forward to learning how you chose to solve this, and what
information you need from me to do so.

> Two main motivation to move to Gen 3 are
> 1. Loan products without amortization.
> 2. Scalability.

By "Loan products without amortization", do you mean one-repayment
loans? Or are we talking about something from Islamic finance here (of
which my knowledge is unfortunately thin).

> My team has amazing development capabilities, mostly our area of
> contribution is going to be programming.
> From use case point of view, it is going to be Loans, KYC and payments
> (UPI).

Since you've been involved in Mifos for a long time, I have great
confidence in your teams' programming abilities.  I believe you will
find yourself quite at home in some of the underlying concepts in
Fineract CN.

> We use AWS for infrastructure.
> I am adding Dhiru (who leads technology at RuPie) for providing furthermore
> technical details

Pleased to meet you Dhiru.  It might make sense for you to join the
developer list so that you can participate in these kinds of
discussions more fully.

Best Regards,
Myrle Krantz

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