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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Re: Next Steps for Bringing Generation 3 Architecture into Apache Fineract
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2017 07:14:56 GMT
> As VP of our PMC and one of the leads on Fineract CN development, I kindly
> ask you to initiate such a vote.

There's a misunderstanding of my role as V.P./Chair here that I would
like to correct.  My job as V.P. is to serve as a connection between
the board and the project.  I make sure our reports are submitted, I
follow the discussions on the board mailing list, and bring anything
back to the community that is relevant for us.  I see my job as also
learning about Apache philosophy and processes, and educating our
community.  In addition, it is my job to advocate for us within the
wider Apache community.   V.P. is not a command-role at Apache.  It is
a servant role.

When I'm writing as the V.P. I will sign my mails accordingly.  If I
do not sign my mails as V.P., you can assume that I am speaking as an
individual contributor.  As an individual contributor I have no more
or less authority than anyone else in the community.  If I do, it's
not by virtue of a title, but rather by virtue of the work, knowledge,
and persuasive power I bring to the matter at hand.

Speaking here as one of the leads on Fineract CN development, I am not
yet ready to initiate this vote.  I will however, piece by piece,
begin educating the community on the contents of the Fineract CN
development so that they have the information they need to make an
informed vote when the time comes.

> I will discuss this with the incubator then. Please also grant me access to
> the repository so I can assist with the actual transition when it occurs.
> Thanks for the heads up on Mark van Veen and making the process as clear as
> possible.

All of the Mifos I/O github repositories already have global read
access.  At a technical level, that is all that is needed to bring the
code with its history over to Apache.  Once Infra creates the repos,
anyone with access to the Apache repos will be able to copy the code
over. Since you're a Fineract committer you will have that access.

> Thank you for providing that clarity. Up until yesterday and my
> conversations with Craig, I was not aware that all the code (including the
> last several months of development) was still under copyright ownership of
> the Mifos Initiative. This will simplify the transition greatly.

Based on my recent discussions with Craig, I don't think he realized.
But we worked this way on purpose, precisely to simplify the

Best Regards,

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