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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Re: Release date for Mifos IO (Gen 3) framework as part of Apache Fineract
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2017 16:08:35 GMT
> My name is Nayan Ambali. I have been with Mifos from its early days to its
> evolution as top-level Apache project (Fineract).

Hi Nayan,

I'm glad to see that you're interested in Gen 3. I deeply appreciate
your offer of help.

> At present I lead RuPie. RuPie is a self service urban microfinance, based
> out of Bengaluru, we are serving Indian urban low income indivduals by
> providing micro credit that is tailer made to each indiviudals. We are
> committed to increasing financial inclusion because we believe everyone
> deserves the ability to pursue more in life

This sounds very interesting.  I can see that we share some goals in common.

> We use Mifos X and IndiaStack to do cashless and paperless transactions,
> for loan portfolio management and for financial accounting.

Are you currently using Fineract or are you still on MifosX? If you're
using Fineract, which release? Can you tell us, in broad strokes,
which features of Fineract or MifosX are you currently using? Are you
just using the Fineract back-end with your own custom front-end, or
are you using the Mifos community app?

> We want to migrate to generation 3 of Mifos but can't do this until the
> framework is formally part of Apache Fineract.

What specifically do you need from Fineract Gen 3 that Gen 2 doesn't offer?

Gen 3 is a cloud native microservices architecture designed for high
scalability.  This has advantages, but deployment and orchestration
will be more challenging than Gen 2 was.  Does your team have the
expertise they need? Will they be using tools to aid in deployment
such as Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, or Docker? Will you be
setting up your own VMWare instances, or using a local hoster, or will
you be renting cloud services from one of the major providers like
Azure, Google, or AWS?

> Please let us know when the framework will be part of Apache Fineract and
> we want to do our part in contributing as individuals so are eager for it
> to be part of the Apache Fineract project.

I'm glad to hear this.  In which general area were you hoping to
contribute?  Programming?  QA?  Localization?  In which feature area?
Loans?  Groups?  Connections to payment systems (such as UPI)?
Connections to credit rating agencies or other KYC systems (such as
Aadhar)?  Something else altogether?

> Also can community let us know the list of fully completed feature avaible
> for end user.

My current best guess is that we will start moving source under
Fineract before we have complete documentation.  It would be easier if
you could tell us what features you need. Then we could start with
those areas when we work on documentation.

I'm looking forward to working with you on Gen 3 Nayan.

Best Regards,

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