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From "Zayyyad A. Said" <>
Subject RE: [Mifos-developer] [Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 17.07.01.RELEASE on Staging Environment
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2017 07:26:09 GMT
Hi Benson,


On your proposal for investors, I think there is no need to have another entity developed
for Investors since you can create FD and RD accounts for clients. Creating another entity
would require creation of new data tables and/or amendments to the current tables and also
code changes cannot be avoided.


You would want to create different clients classifications and have Investors as one of the
classifications which will help you when developing reports.


Under clients, we have 2 entities i.e. PERSON or ENTITY (for organizations). If the investor
is an organization you can as well create them as ENTITY.


This is my thought, let others give their opinions as well.





Zayyad A. Said | Chairman & C.E.O


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From: Benson Wasonga [] 
Sent: 19 July 2017 08:22 AM
To: 'Mifos software development' <>;;
'mifos-users' <>;
Subject: Re: [Mifos-developer] [Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 17.07.01.RELEASE on Staging Environment


Hi Devs,


The work that done is impressive and I applaud the team.

Just as a point of concern for some clients who would like to handle the investor relations
separately from other loan clients…would we consider to have another portal that specifically
takes care of those Investors.


Infact we can have 







Investors is similar to clients just that they only deposit (Fixed and Recurrent Products)


The other items is if possible to have three Interest Calculation forms:

1.	Same as number of repayment
2.	Daily
3.	Same as Loan Term

The challenge is when the Loan term is 9months and repayment is 4 then interest calculates
on the 4 months and not the 9 months. This presents a different case.


Kind regards,

Benson Wasonga | Director



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From: Santosh Math [] 
Sent: 18 July 2017 09:19 AM
To: Mifos software development < <>
>; <> ; mifos-users <
<> >;
Subject: Re: [Mifos-developer] [Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 17.07.01.RELEASE on Staging Environment


Hi All, 

You all know that Staging server  <> is updated with 17.07.01.RELEASE with Reskin as major feature at
front-end side for testing by Community. As this release coming after more than 6 months with
more than 150 bugs/improvements fixed for both Community-app and Fineract side. 


You can see the issues fixed at release notes for Fineract side:


Communtiy-app(Reskin Siide):


We fixed those issues and closed them after testing. Most of the issues fixed not just related
to specific feature(E: Accounting, Holidays, Fixed Deposit,etc) but related to most of the
all features.  We know some of you raised the issues and also some of you were eagerly waiting
for some of the bugs/improvements fixed at earliest. 

If you found any issues(already fixed & closed) not yet fixed let us know and also if
you found any regressions please bring us to notice as there is only limited time until coming







On 17 July 2017 at 11:25, Shaik Nazeer < <>
> wrote:

Hi All,


We are happy to announce most awaited release 17.07.01.RELEASE today for community testing
which is on top Apache Fineract TLP (1.0.0). This release consists of lot of bug fixes in
the platform and beautiful GUI(reskin) developed by GSOC students. From now onwards, reskin
will be default branch for all development activities in community-app.


Release can be accessed from Staging <> 


You can add feedback/notes on this release at 

Release Feedback <>


Code can be downloaded from

mifosplatform-17.07.01.RELEASE <>


communityapp-17.07.01.RELEASE <>


Release notes can be found at

Release Notes <>


We will wait till Thursday, 20th July for community & QA feedback.






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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
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