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From Nikhil Pawar <>
Subject Re: Limitation of use of code_value table
Date Mon, 29 May 2017 03:06:42 GMT
Hello Nazeer,
Thank you for your response.Yes, if the credit bureau is accepting multiple address, we would
have to handle it specifically for that credit bureau.As of now,The new column proposed to
be added was for credit bureau accepting a single address.Irrespective of the address required
by credit bureau we would have an internal code which will help us identify one single address
per user from the Database to fed into the credit check request.As there would be multiple
types of address stored per user, we would have to use only one address for credit check.
The new column which I have proposed to be added in last mail serves the purpose of identifying
that single address.
Let me know if you have further questions/concerns/ thoughts on this approach.

      From: Shaik Nazeer <>
 To: 'Nikhil Pawar' <>; 'Dev' <> 
Cc: 'Ed Cable' <>; 'Nayan Ambali' <>
 Sent: Friday, 26 May 2017 5:24 PM
 Subject: RE: Limitation of use of code_value table
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{}#yiv2217825092 Hi Nikhil,  I believe most of the credit bureaus requests can take different
address types (permanent, residence, business, etc…). Based on the credit bureau implementation
you need to provide the configuration. For example PA might be meant as permanent address
to some credit bureau but for some other P might be permanent address. If  some credit bureau
accepts only one address then you need to provide configuration to have which address type
J. Let me know if it is not clear.   Thanks,Nazeer  From: Nikhil Pawar []

Sent: 26 May 2017 15:55
To: Dev
Cc: Ed Cable; Nayan Ambali; Nazeer Shaik
Subject: Limitation of use of code_value table  Hello Devs,  While building request for
credit bureau, I came across a limitation of code- code_value architecture.Currently code_values
for address module are not system defined. Hence, user has the ability to feed in any type
of address type. However, to make credit score inquiry, we have to make use of  a single
address. As the code value (for address type )is user defined, we are not sure which address
to pick up for constructing credit inquiry.   I am sure, community must have faced this
issue in some other context. So, as a work around we were planning to add an additional column
in m_code_value table which would be named as key.This key field will help developers to use
code_values without compromising on the generic architecture of code- code_value tables. In
my case, I would be adding keys corresponding to address fields I am interested by adding
 address.address_line_1 , address_zip_code in keys column, to pick up values for address
to be used for credit check inquiry. This would eliminate the ambiguity of  which address
type to pick up.  Let me know what are your thoughts on this work around.  Regards,Nikhil

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