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From Ed Cable <>
Subject Re: UI for Surveys Framework.
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2017 16:11:23 GMT
Hi Raunak,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I've given some replies here but have also
cc'd the dev lists so this discussion can happen across the community. I've
also cc'd some of the community members directly involved.

See my replies inline:

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 6:15 PM, Raunak Sett <> wrote:

> Thanks Ed, I would love to help out with this, I feel this would be an
> amazing thing to keep track of users who might be able to get out of
> poverty and if somebody is lacking help them accordingly.
> I have a few questions regarding points 1 and 4 and then I might start
> work on some designs for the community app.
>    - Are surveys individual entities? Like I can create different types
>    of surveys with various questions attached and then assignment of the
>    surveys is the second step where clients/staff are selected. The same
>    survey could be assigned to multiple clients/staff.
> @Markus will have to reply more specifically to how surveys are treated
within the data model but yes they are individual entities where a survey
is created or uploaded and then a unique instance of the survey can be
captured at the individual client level. Right now these surveys would be
initiated via staff for a client through the web app or through the mobile
app, but we would like to incorporate survey collection via the
self-service application.

>    - If my previous notion is true, then isn't a PPI scorecard just
>    another of the survey templates which can be assigned, or we are treating
>    this specially? like both on the backend and client
> Yes, the PPI scorecard was the first implementation that Markus derived
using the framework that he built. You can learn more about the PPI at Ideally in the future, other SPM scorecard
templates like IRIS or MPAT could be uploaded and capture or ad-hoc surveys
could be built by creating questions and grouping those into one survey.

>    - Also the user stories contains Enabling a survey and enforcing a
>    survey. I wasn't able to figure out a difference between the two, some
>    context required
For the case of  enabling a survey, let me articulate a couple of the use
cases. For the case of a pre-defined survey like the PPI, both scorecard
and lookup table must first must be uploaded to the back-end via the
PPI-Uploader Tool. Then these have to be able to be activated or made
available in the Mifos web app UI.

For the case of a user-defined survey, they need a UI to be able to define
specific questions and answers and then put these in a survey. They they
must be able to make this survey active and then specify at what entities
this survey could be captured (at least at the client level, potentially at
the loan/savings account level too).

For enforcing a survey, I think you mean capturing/recording a specific
instance, correct. This is currently done via going to a client, selecting
more dropdown and then survey. this will bring up a drop down list of
available surveys that can be captured. Surveys once recorded should then
get displayed in a separate tab. Workflow should also be similar in the
mobile app.

>    - Just a clarification, Are lookup tables for a survey? that the
>    scores from this survey contribute to a specific KPI, So in the reports
>    section we might be viewing reports by a specific KPI and all the surveys
>    under it?
The lookup tables are specific to the PPI and provided the scoring values
for each of the PPI responses to derive the specific PPI score. The output
of a PPI scorecard should be the PPI score but we then need to develop
specific reports that have analytics related to the PPI.


> On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 3:07 AM, Ed Cable <> wrote:
>> Here's the work related to surveys UI that is highly needed right now.
>> Ed
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: Ed Cable <>
>> Date: Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 11:18 AM
>> Subject: UI for Surveys Framework.
>> To: Samrat Ghosh <>
>> Samrat,
>> This is one small project where we could use some help. that might be
>> easy to get up to speed on is wireframing and user stories for uilding out
>> a UI for our surveys and social performance management framework.
>> We have a user, Mentors International, that would like to use this
>> framework to capture the PPI ( The
>> PPI is a ten-question scorecard to monitor social impact by measuring the
>> likelihood of a client moving out of poverty. We have all the support at
>> the back-end built out (see
>> confluence/display/FINERACT/Social+Performance+Management+Framework)
>> But we need to do the following:
>> 1) Build out the UI for creating survey from available PPI scorecard
>> 2) Capture/record surveys from a given entity in the web app
>> 3) View recorded surveys from the web ap
>> 4) Interface to create new surveys from scratch via the UI
>> I'm going to CC you on a separate thread which has more background and
>> context on points 1 and 4. For #4 please also see some initial wireframes
>> attached.
>> I would have you review designs of our previous surveys and questions
>> groups modules and engage with the user to craft the user stories and
>> wireframes.
>> These are the legacy docs on the old question group functionality:
>> and
>> -a-question-group/
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> Raunak Sett

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