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From Sander van der Heyden <>
Subject Re: Issues in interest recalculation
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:53:32 GMT
Hi Adi,

Thanks for your feedback. I already left some test cases on the demo (but
have updated the same product in between so you'll need to check the
derived data for these). I'll work on some more cases that we've seen
locally tomorrow, but these are the ones that were already there.

*Incorrect interest in Loan Schedule for first instalment when making an
early payment*
See, where you see 3.85 of
interest paid on the summary and loan transactions, yet the 3.85 is still
due on the instalment and if you look at the schedule via the API is
reported as outstanding interest (which the transaction has already paid).

*Interest recalculation causes incorrect schedule with
duplicate instalments*
For the daily loans with duplicate instalments see:, where you can see that 2
payments fall due on the same day. If you undo disburse the loan and
preview the schedule before disbursement you'll not see duplicate payments
on the same day.


Sander van der Heyden

CTO Musoni Services

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On 7 December 2016 at 11:20, Adi Raju <>

> Hi Sander,
> Interest recalculation is allowed only when "Calculate interest for exact
> days in partial period" is enabled in product definition.
> Consider the scenario: holidays calendar is empty, all days are considered
> working days and payments are always on time, you will see the interest
> applied equally with interest rate 1% considering 12%pa interest with
> monthly payment period.
> In case there is any date difference due to holidays/working days
> consideration or early payments etc, the calculation happens as follows:
> Assume installment is falling on 1st Feb, but due to holiday the
> installment is postponed to 2nd Feb and consider 12%pa interest rate.
> Interest for the whole month of Jan is calculated at 1% and interest for
> the 1 additional day in Feb is calculated as 1%*(1/28).
> For the installment on 1st Mar, interest is calculated as 1%*(27/28) would
> be used.
> This is how the current interest recalculation happens to make sure the
> interest is collected for each and every day.
> And partial interest for any day is calculated based on the number of days
> in the loan installment period.
> I am unable to reproduce other issues that you have mentioned. Looks like
> they are linked to some other factors as well. If you can reproduce them on
> and provide with loan ids or relevant details, we can get
> back with clarifications or verify if it is really a bug.
> Regards,
> Adi Raju
> Principal Architect, Conflux Technologies Pvt Ltd
> Address: #304, 2nd Floor, 7th Main Road, HRBR Layout 1st Block, Bengaluru,
> Karnataka, 560043 INDIA
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> check.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sander van der Heyden []
> Sent: 05 December 2016 17:06
> To:; A good place to start for users or
> folks new to Mifos.
> Subject: Issues in interest recalculation
> Hi All,
> We've been doing a relatively extensive round of testing on interest
> recalculation loans and found the following issues (on
> All of the cases below have:
> - Interest recalculation on
> - Interest calculation = same as repayment period
> - Amortization set to Equal instalments
> - Advance payments set to Reduce EMI Amount
> - No grace periods
> - No sliding interest rates, or multi-disbursements
> - No fixed EMI amounts
> I've not yet created JIRA items on it, because I was wondering whether
> other people had seen these and there was a work-around by specifying the
> right params? Also when trying to debug some of this I think the
> calculations have now been made so incredibly complex that it is very hard
> to fix some of these without creating other bugs in exchange.
> *Daily interest on Same as Repayment period* On monthly loans, even though
> same as repayment period is selected, the interest calculation seems to
> happen on a daily basis. We see jumps up and down in the schedule, which
> should not happen especially before any payments are made, as in that case
> the interest calculation should be identical for each month (we are using
> same as repayment period) and therefore the interest amount should always
> drop month over month, with principal going up.
> *Incorrect interest in Loan Schedule for first instalment when making an
> early payment* When setting up any interest recalculation loan, and making
> an early payment on the first instalment, this updates the schedule with
> all of it going to principal, leaving the interest outstanding. However the
> actual transaction does split part of it to interest and so does the loan
> summary.
> In subsequent instalments this no longer happens.
> *Interest recalculation causes incorrect schedule with duplicate
> instalments*
> On a daily loan, when an installment was originally due on a weekend day,
> it get's pushed forward, skipping that day correctly. However in
> recalculation this is no longer happening therefore introducing 2
> installments on the same date one with a 0 length. So what happens is
> pre-correction you have an instalment on the 3rd of December, then one on
> the 5th (skipping sunday). After the payment and recalculation it has 2
> instalments due on the 5th, one with 0 days and no interest.
> *Single instalment loans do not recalculate* When a loan with 1 instalment
> is created and the client prepays on that one instalment, interest is not
> recalculated.
> *Early payment of all principal throws an EMI error* When repaying the
> full principal due on the loan in an early instalment it throws an EMI
> error, which should not happen, there is still a bit of interest to pay,
> but no more principal. This means the schedule should just show that
> interest remaining (or close the loan as there is no interest).
> Thanks,
> Sander

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