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From "John Wambura | Green Financial Services Ltd" <>
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 08:44:22 GMT
Hello Ed,


I hope this responds to all the questions that Nicholaus was asking. Thanks a lot.


(Have removed the Mifos Developer List from the mail trail).



Kind Regards,


John Wambura  Chief Executive Officer  Green Financial Services Ltd  


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From: Ed Cable [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2016 11:05 AM
To: Mifos software development;


Hi Nicholaus,


Welcome to the community! For all questions related to development, you should direct those
to our Fineract Developer's mailing list which I've added to this thread.


Please see my replies inline:




On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 8:13 AM, Nicholaus Ngolongolo <>

Dear Colleagues,


I am just kicking off development and would request your explanation just to make sure I am
doing the right thing.


I have source code links for both the Fineract Platform and Community App.


The Fineract Source code is located at and that
is the core banking platform you should develop on top of. It was previously the Mifos X platform.


Mifos X now refers to the distribution on top of the Fineract platform that contains our Community
App (web client) and Android app (mobile client).


So to summarize you can now think of Mifos X as the product (which contains a web client and
mobile app) that is powered by Fineract platform.


I noted that source code for the Community App does not contain the database. Correct me if
I am wrong.


Yes that is correct as the Community App is just the front-end user interface that consumes
the APIs within the platform. You need to have a running instance of the Fineract platform


·         Looking at what we are trying to do, that is building an independent highly customized
application, what does it mean to start building it on top of Mifos X as opposed to doing
so on Fineract?


You should build directly on the Fineract platform, even if you are using the Community App,
aka the Mifos X web client as your user interface for the starting point.  Any changes to
the core functionality will be made to the Fineract platform. Any UI-level changes can be
made to the Community App or on whatever UI interface you might build yourself. 


·         If I build it on top of Mifos X, how do I connect it to the database if I eventually
want it to run as a separate web based application?


The installation documentation explains how to connect to the database when building on top
of the Fineract platform but I"ll let Shreyank better respond.  


·         From experience, what is the development best practices?


Please look at some of the links in our Contributor's Zone for Fineract -
and documents like in our Mifos
Developer Zone: 


Kind Regards,


Nicholaus Ngolongolo  Lead Developer  Green Financial Services Ltd  


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Address: P.O. Box 13970, Block K, Plot # 34, Kijitonyama Sayansi, Dar es Salaam




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