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From "Adi Raju" <>
Subject RE: Upcoming Apache Board Report
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2016 13:41:40 GMT

Apologies, I have requested for help with GRUNT, but what we really need is help with GRADLE.


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From: Adi Raju [] 
Sent: 01 September 2016 09:08
Subject: RE: Upcoming Apache Board Report

Hi Myrle/Community,

Sorry for the delayed response, mail was lost in the follow up list due to other priorities.

In our last attempt we have been successful in getting the code cleaned up to remove hibernate
dependency. Creation of war file while using build/war/dist did not include the hibernate

But while running integration test, we still wanted to use hibernate. In this scenario, we
were including the hibernate libraries. Resultant war file included the hibernate libraries
as well. So the latest comment was that, there is some way a war file is created with LGPL
dependency, which can be used by the end users.

So what we need is a way to be able to run integration tests with hibernate dependencies provided
to tomcat but not included as part of the war file. Which in my understanding is some magic
with grunt. We did try to work out this magic but weren't successful.
We did try out following things
1. using runtime provided property of tomcat plugin, but that still includes hibernate as
part of war file 2. copy hibernate files separately into the spring boot tomcat lib folder.
In this case the server is failing to boot up due to SLF4J multiple binding. 
I think we need some HELP from the GRUNT EXPERTS in our COMMUNITY to get this working and
cross this hurdle. I request GUIDANCE or CONTRIBUTION from the community towards this.
3. Tried integration with OpenJPA, we did spend considerable amount of time on this. We are
using uni-directional and bi-directional mappings very randomly in our entities. This is causing
lot of issues with OpenJPA. We are not in a position to go in for this major changes on our

Once this is done and still the release gets rejected, then your comments given in option
2 might make sense :) So I think, the status should indicate gist of our effort mentioned
above. And followed by HELP from our community members.


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From: Myrle Krantz []
Sent: 27 August 2016 19:42
Subject: Upcoming Apache Board Report

Hi all,

Since Fineract failed to report in August, we will need to submit a report in September. 
That will be due in the coming week.

I don't actually know what's going on with the community right now.  I have the impression
most of the communication is still occurring on the old mifos infrastructure instead of on
the apache infrastructure. I am not registered to those mailing lists.

So I present the community with two options:
1.) Someone other than me does the report.
2.) I write the report and communicate in it that the project is in trouble. We have failed
to move communications onto ASF infrastructure.  We have failed to acquire new contributors.
 We have failed to publish an acceptable release.  We have identified problems (deep-rooted
dependencies) that make a release of MifosX under the ASF unlikely in the near future.

Any optimists out there who see things differently and would prefer to communicate their view?
 I'll gladly pass the task on to you...  If you need any tips on how to do it, feel free to


*Myrle Krantz*
Solutions Architect
RɅĐɅЯ, The Mifos Initiative | Skype: | <>

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