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From "Zayyad A. Said" <>
Subject RE: Standing Instruction Bug
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2016 05:39:22 GMT
Hi Adi,

Was looking at this as a bug as the expected outcome is what all banking
softwares work when it comes to standing instructions for loan payments

Will let others give their input on this as well.


Zayyad A. Said | Chairman & C.E.O

Cell No.: +254 716 615274 | Skype: zsaid2011

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From: Adi Raju [] 
Sent: 10 September 2016 07:39
Cc: 'Ed Cable';
Subject: RE: Standing Instruction Bug

Hi Zayyad,


I do not see your observations as a bugs, but as requirements for

I would suggest this be discussed in user community group and derive the
variations/requirements that will have to be added to the product.





From: Zayyad A. Said []
Sent: 09 September 2016 23:35
Cc: Ed Cable <>;
Subject: Standing Instruction Bug




I have noted an issue with the standing instruction functionality (Dues) in
version 16.08.01. I have tried to separate below how its functioning now and
how we feel it should function:


Current Scenario:


*         It executes only on installment scheduled date.

*         It deducts the due amount, if the balance isn't enough it doesn't
deduct anything.

*         It doesn't execute after the schedule date even when the loan is

*         Once penalty accrues on the loan account, they are recovered from
the linked savings (leaving the installment amount unpaid).




*         Should execute every day and transfer funds whenever there is any
due or overdue amount.

*         If the available balance is not sufficient, whatever amount
available in the linked savings account should be deducted fully.

*         Should stop executing whenever a loan is fully paid (yet to test


We have a case with one client MFI where the MFI doesn't want its users to
be posting to loan accounts directly (for portfolio stability and also other
internal reasons) and would want all collections done be deposited in a
drawdown account (internal savings account for the MFI) where any dues are
recovered from this drawdown account automatically using the standing order.


Now their loans are falling in arrears since collections are always posted
the following day after the groups have met and not on the same due date
(meeting date). This is common practise with many MFIs due to the logistics
in submitting their daily returns to the office for posting.


It was our expectation that when these drawdown accounts are deposited with
the collected amount, those amounts shall automatically be transferred to
the loan accounts which is not the case and this has resulted to all loans
accruing penalties when their clients paid and the funds are available in
the drawdown account.


Please look into this issue with an urgency it deserves and kindly advise
how we can address it so that the portfolio position of this MFI doesn't get





Zayyad A. Said | Chairman & C.E.O


Cell No.: +254 716 615274 | Skype: zsaid2011




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