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From "Adi Raju" <>
Subject RE: Maker-Checker principle and Document management
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2016 05:33:13 GMT
Hi Lionel,

Maker-checker enabled API workflow is like this:
1. Maker invokes an API
2. System does all the validation, reverses the transaction and stores the complete API as
part of audit table (No DB changes)
3. Checker reviews the API request and approves
4. The API is invoked again and the transaction taken to completion (DB changes happen only

In case of documents, we need to store the documents on the server and track its location,
so DB change has to happen. So Maker-Checker workflow doesn't apply here.
May be no body wanted a maker checker verification on documents till now.

You are most welcome to contribute with this enhancement.
My suggestion would be as follows:
Introduce new field in documents table 'is_approved'.
Introduce a new POST API '/documents/<documentid>?command=approve', which is the only
way to change the status of the document.
This API can be under maker-checker workflow.


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From: Lionel Raymundi - Poincenot [] 
Sent: 02 August 2016 22:35
Subject: Maker-Checker principle and Document management

Hi guys,

I am facing a scenario where we need to apply a maker/checker scheme to the documents uploaded
for a client. A user may upload a file saying it is an important company document, and somebody
else should check that the document is in fact what the former said it is.

I tested it through community app, I was able to configure it, but it didn't work (i mean,
there was no need to validate the document for it to be attached to the client). I made a
fast review of the code, and I think maker/checker scheme is not being validated at all when
handling documents in Fineract.

So I have some questions...
1) Is there any technical/business issue which prevents to develop this feature?
2) If not, are you planning to develop this feature?
3) if not, is it useful if I start with it?
4) if so, should I "inspire" in any other maker/checker handling feature?
Would you recommend any?

Thanks in advance,


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