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From Myrle Krantz <>
Subject Microservices release question
Date Mon, 30 May 2016 14:27:27 GMT
Hi Fineract,

I'm starting a new thread for a question which Roman asked in the multiple
repos thread.  He asked how we'd like to release if we are dividing our
code into microservices.  Assuming we want to do clockwork releases, there
are three major alternatives:

1.) Release each microservice version separately, on its own schedule,
2.) Release a set of microservices as one release which are compatible with
each other, taking the newest service version from the leafs of the
dependency tree, or
3.) Release a set of microservice versions as one release which are
compatible with each other, taking the newest service from the root of the
dependency tree.

2 and 3 probably require a bit more background to understand:
Microservices will be dependent on each other.  For example all services
will depend on the tenant provisioning service, and on the service for
managing users and permissions.

So let's say you have services A, B, and C in multiple versions which
depend on each other like this:

Av1 -> {} (no dependencies)
Av2 -> {}
Av3 -> {}
Av4 -> {}

Bv1 -> Av1
Bv2 -> oneOf(Av1, Av2)
Bv3 -> oneOf(Av2, Av3)
Bv4 -> oneOf(Av3, Av4)

Service C: depends on B
Cv1 -> Bv1
Cv2 -> oneOf(Bv1, Bv2)

In solution one, we'd release a new version of A as soon as it was
complete, even if none of the other services were updated and still
required older versions of A.

In solution two, we'd release a source code tar ball containing Cv2, Bv2,
and Av2.  Even though Av3 and Av4 exists we wouldn't include it in a
release until all services were updated to be compatible with it.

In solution three we'd release a source code tar ball containing Av4, and
Bv4.  We wouldn't include any version of C because there would be none
which is transitively compatible with the latest version of A. If C is a
service which not everyone deploys, this may be acceptable.

What do you guys think?  Keep in mind that in Apache the release is a
source code release. It's signed and it should include all the source


*Myrle Krantz*
Solutions Architect
RɅĐɅЯ, The Mifos Initiative | Skype: |
<>  <>

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