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From "Dayna Harp (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Created] (FINERACT-40) Savings Product Configurations-Multiple
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2016 19:58:18 GMT
Dayna Harp created FINERACT-40:

             Summary: Savings Product Configurations-Multiple
                 Key: FINERACT-40
             Project: Apache Fineract
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Dayna Harp
            Assignee: Markus Geiss
            Priority: Minor

This is broken out of single document found in:


This box should be checked if the product is available to customers (normal situation) but
is should be unchecked if a product is discontinued and no new accounts should be opened.

Allow multiple accounts

If one customer can have multiple accounts of this product especially when product mix is
allowed, then this box should be checked.  If a customer is allowed only one account then
this box should be unchecked.

CID numbering

This box is selectable only if you have UNchecked "Allow Multiple Accounts".  In that case
you can choose to have account numbers use the CID number as its serial part.   Check this
box only if you want to account number to be of the form AP-CCCCC-D for this product.

Age Restrictions

Select from the lookuplist the age restriction, or none


Check this box if the product is a with-passbook product.

No-book Transactions

Defines, what happens, if customer does not have a passbook for an accounts that has a passbook.
Select from the lookup list the applicable option:
-	Deposit and withdrawals allowed
-	Only Deposits
-	Not permitted

Cheque deposits

Select from the list the applicable option
-	accepted
-	only cash cheques
-	not accepted

Cheque books

Check this box if cheque books will be available for this product

Minimum Hold Balance

This is an enhancement for minimum balance amount that should be maintained in an account
of this product. This balance should not be able to be withdrawn by customer

Force cheque

Check this box if from this product withdrawals will be allowed exclusively by cheque.

Maximum Balance

Enter the maximum balance allowed for this product.  If unlimited, enter 999,999,999,999.99
(or the highest possible amount if your currency uses no decimals).

Charge If Balance Less Than
If this setting is set then the ledger fee at End of Month will be charged only if the account
balance is below the defined limit.

Tax on interest

If withholding tax is applied to interest payments, check this box, otherwise uncheck.  The
withholding tax will be applied as per the customer tax code, so that selected customers may
still be tax exempt for this product, even when withholding tax applies. 

Interest on dormant

Check this box if interest is payable on a dormant account of this product.  If interest is
not payable, the uncheck.

Pay on closing

Some banks do not pay interest for the current interest capitalization period if an account
is closed.  
For example, if interest is capitalized quarterly and an account is closed on 20 November,
then no interest is paid for the period from 1 October to 20 November.
Check this box, if accrued interest should be paid to the customer when closing an account
of this product. If interest is not payable, then uncheck.

Free Withdrawals Allowed

This field can be used to limit a number of penalty free withdrawals from an account. If the
number of withdrawals in any month exceeds this number then all interest for this month is

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