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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject It appears our infrastructure on-boarding is complete
Date Sun, 27 Dec 2015 00:58:59 GMT

with wiki and GH integration completed I believe
that our infrastructure on-boarding is complete. If
you think otherwise, please update the master ticket:

Now, speaking of GH integration, I wanted to take a
moment an explain what kind of a workflow it enables.

>From now on, anybody can fork our ASF GitHub
and send us PRs following the normal GH fokflow.

Those PRs will generate emails to our dev mailing
list and one of you guys will have to prodive feedback
or merge the code in by committing to the ASF Git
repo. That last point is only difference between a classical
GH workflow: there's no way to simply click a Merge
button on GH -- you actually have to commit the change
into the ASF Git.

Speaking of which, when committing don't forget to
include "Closes #xxx" (where xxx is the numeric ID
of the PR) in your commit message. This is the easies
way to tell GH to close the outstanding PR.

To test-drive this new workflow I've created our first
As expected it generated an email to our dev@fineract.i.a.o
mailing list and is now waiting for your feedback. Please
don't let my contribution go to waste ;-)

Finally, I'd really encourage you to document various
ways of how folks can now contribute to Fineract on
the wiki. For a good example take a look at:


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