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From Daniel Stoch <daniel.st...@gmail.com>
Subject Resource loading: resolver performance tuning
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2018 17:03:53 GMT

We must change Equinox version to a new one (to conform application to
a newer OSGi spec), which uses Felix resolver (this change was done in
Equinox 3.10). The previous Equinox version uses its own mechanism for
resolving resources. It seems that loading resources with Felix
resolver is several times slower. So we have a performance degradation
(especially on start-up until resource caches will be filled up). We
have asked people on Equinox forum about this problem but without
successful answer.

Maybe there are some tips how to tune this resources loading to
achieve a better results (some special resolver settings, etc.)? Or
what can be wrong in our application ;)?

I have attached file with report from profiler between both versions
of Equinox (with Felix resolver and without it). There are merged
callees for ClassLoader.getResource(String) method. As you can see in
this test a new version is almost 5 times slower (according to
profiler results).

Profiler results for ClassLoader.getResource(String)


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