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From list+org.apache.fe...@io7m.com
Subject Re: Logging uncaught exceptions?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2016 19:47:39 GMT
On 2016-08-04T12:37:02 -0700
David Jencks <david_jencks@yahoo.com.INVALID> wrote:

> BundleActivator behavior and DS component behavior are completely unrelated.

Hm, OK. I erroneously assumed that DS components would be built upon
the activator behaviour. Clearly not!

> I strongly suspect that you haven’t installed anything to record the logging or display
it to you?  IIRC pax-logging is a popular way to hook osgi logging up to slf4j and make it
easy to configure where it goes.

You suspect correctly!

   ID|State      |Level|Name
    0|Active     |    0|System Bundle (5.4.0)|5.4.0
    1|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Bundle Repository (2.0.6)|2.0.6
    2|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service (1.8.10)|1.8.10
    3|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Command (0.16.0)|0.16.0
    4|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Runtime (0.16.2)|0.16.2
    5|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Shell (0.10.0)|0.10.0
    6|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Log Service (1.0.1)|1.0.1
    7|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Metatype Service (1.1.2)|1.1.2
    8|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Declarative Services (2.0.4)|2.0.4
   12|Active     |    1|application (0.1.0)|0.1.0

I'm currently only experimenting, so unless I've seen documentation 
suggesting something, I don't have it installed.

I'll take a look at pax-logging. I use slf4j everywhere else, so 
it seems like the right thing to do.


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