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From "David M. Karr" <davidmichaelk...@gmail.com>
Subject Questions about Maven version vs. bundle version
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 18:50:56 GMT
I'm using the bundle plugin as part of an Eclipse plugin build, using 
Tycho, in a large codebase that I inherited.

I'm "familiar" with OSGi, but I haven't gone very deep with it.

I'm wondering about how to properly manage versions of Maven artifacts 
vs. versions of bundles.

I've constructed a Maven pom whose only purpose is to package up a 
handful of Maven dependencies, as Tycho can only directly use artifacts 
in a p2 repo. Maven artifacts have to be packaged into a bundle.

My maven artifact has a "-SNAPSHOT" version.  I have to give the bundle 
a version.  The easiest conceptual thing to do here is give the bundle 
the same version as the Maven artifact.  That's not going to work 
exactly, as you can't give bundles "-SNAPSHOT" versions.  I could make 
it ".SNAPSHOT" instead, which appears to work when installing the 
artifact, at least.

Do people tend to try to tie the Maven version with the bundle version, 
or keep them separate?

If the tendency is to keep them tied, is there a straightforward way to 
automatically produce a reasonable bundle version from the Maven 
version, or does it have to be manually updated each time the Maven 
artifact version is changed?

This may be an unrelated problem, but I'm also having trouble getting 
another module to resolve this module as a dependency.  When it tries to 
resolve dependencies, it just says it is a "missing requirement" and 
that the module could not be found.  I think this message is coming from 
Tycho, not the bundle plugin.

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