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From jtkb <ka...@avionicengineers.com>
Subject Using maven-bundle-plugin with nar-maven-plugin
Date Sat, 05 Dec 2015 22:40:45 GMT
I'm trying to use the nar-maven-plugin with maven-bundle-plugin as I 
want to create a bundle which contains a native library. Unfortunately I 
have one small hurdle I cannot overcome.

No matter how I try to configure the plugins in the POM, I cannot get 
the final archive to be named '.jar' it will only be '.nar'.

This is the relevant parts of my POM to configure the plugins:

                     <output>.. removed for brevity...</output>
                                 .. Removed for brevity ..

a few things to point out :

1. I'm using an old version of the maven-bundle-plugin but using version 
3.0.1 makes no difference
2. The <package> configuration makes no difference whatsoever in the build
3. Using the <outputDirectory> doesn't force the output directory either 
but just seems to cause the build to throw warnings.

Can anyone assist?

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