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From David Jencks <david.a.jen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to 'let the dust settle' with DS?
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 01:58:58 GMT

> On Sep 7, 2015, at 8:07 PM, Benson Margulies <benson@basistech.com> wrote:
> The cardinality in the config admin does not seem to be sticking:
> @Component(configurationPolicy = ConfigurationPolicy.REQUIRE,
> configurationPid = "com.basistech.ws.worker")
> And:
> @Reference(cardinality = ReferenceCardinality.MULTIPLE, policyOption =
> ReferencePolicyOption.GREEDY)
> public void setWorkerComponentService(WorkerComponentService
> workerComponentService) {
> And in the relevant Karaf cfg file (com.basistech.ws.worker.cfg):
> # This is a DS property. It tells DS that there is one component
> service that we are consuming.
> WorkerComponentService.cardinality.minimum=1
> And the reference name in the DS metadata is WorkerComponentService.
> but the component goes ahead and activates when it has none (due to
> leaving out the component); the activation throws an exception due to
> my own code complaining.
> In spite of the exception thrown in the @Activate method, the
> component goes to REGISTERED, is there some particular exception that
> would prevent that?
> I have it working (up to the point of fun with Json deserialization
> from CXF, which is also working mostly) by putting the component in
> place, but eventually I need the constraint to hold things up; and it
> would be nice to have a way for an exception in activation to stop the
> train.

The spec says:

	• Once the component config- uration is deactivated or fails to activate due to an exception,
SCR must unbind all the component's bound services and discard all references to the component
instance associated with the activation. 

Note that this doesn’t disable the component or unregister any services it may be exposing,
because the exception may be highly transient, and e.g. the next time someone gets the service
all may work smoothly and activate succeed.

I don’t know what version of ds you are “stuck” with, at some point in the distant past
I think that an exception on activation did something like disabling the component.  Due to
all the cool new 1.3 features you should use the latest release 2.0 but the previous release
may have also had the cardinality.minimum support… but don’t quote me :-)

david jencks

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