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From Simon Kitching <si...@vonos.net>
Subject Re: OBR vs Maven
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19:10:14 GMT

Yes, being able to derive at least some of the dependencies by 
introspecting the code, and then finding bundles that provide those 
packages via the repo-index is one of the advantages over OBR; it 
reduces the work of adding such dependencies to the pom manually. 
However that's not a _huge_ amount of work.

There are presumably other advantages to OBR vs maven. Has nobody ever 
documented them?

I'm also somewhat puzzled by how a tool would derive the OBR 
dependencies from the source-code in the first place. Introspecting 
source-code for such things is hard; analysing class-files is much 
easier - but that requires the code to be _compiled_ first, which means 
figuring out which jarfiles to include on the compilation-classpath, 
which seems to me to be a circular problem :-)


On 06/04/2015 08:33 PM, Raymond Auge wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 2:32 PM, Raymond Auge <raymond.auge@liferay.com>
> wrote:
>> the major difference is that maven cannot tell you what you need based on
>> only packages you import. you have to know ahead of time.
>> bundle aware repositories like OBR or R5 can tell you which bundles you
>> need
> rather, a resolver can use the repo index to tell you what you need (the
> repos in all cases, OBR, R5, maven) are completely dumb.
>> - Ray
>> On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Simon Kitching <simon@vonos.net> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Can anyone provide me with a link to a comparison of OBR and Maven? I can
>>> find reasonable amounts of information about what OBR does, but nothing
>>> about the motivation to create it given that Maven already existed...
>>> Thanks,
>>> Simon

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