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From Ferry Huberts <maili...@hupie.com>
Subject Re: Gradle & OBR?
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 13:02:04 GMT
There is OBR (and R5) indexing support in my bndtools Gradle plugin 

Check the code here: https://github.com/fhuberts/bndtoolsPlugins.

and then look at the code 

You can use the code as long as you comply with the GPLv2 license, which 
just means that you contribute changes back :-)

On 25/02/15 08:24, Johan Ström wrote:
> Hi,
> while not strictly a Felix question, I'd like to crosspost a question I
> have regarding Gradle, OSGi and OBR here, as I hope there might be
> someone out there who has a good answer.. :)
> (Originally posted on:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28698190/gradle-osgi-and-obr-or-other-repository)
> Previously I've been using Maven and the maven-bundle-plugin to archive
> the following:
> When doing mvn install, local maven repo contains my bundle + all my
> bundle's deps automatically
> * Local repo becomes OBR repository by mvn bundle:index, also
> repository.xml is automatically updated with every mvn install.
> * Local repo can now be used for Karaf bundle deployment
> Now, I'm looking to migrate some projects to Gradle, which is very nice
> in many ways. I'm successfully creating bundles using the
> 'org.dm.bundle' plugin (basic 'osgi' plugin did not allow me to
> auto-create service components).
> By using Gradle's maven plugin I can do gradle install to install my own
> bundle in local maven repo. I could then use bindex to manually (or
> through some gradle hacking) index the repo. However, my dependencies
> are not put into the maven repo, they are only stored in the gradle
> cache dir. Thus, I can not use the OBR repo to deploy in Karaf yet.
> I've been looking around a lot trying to find some good solution to
> this, but I have not found anything.
> I've looked at Karaf feature files, which would allow me to specify mvn
> URLs directly instead of relying on OBR, but I'd like to avoid messing
> with feature files manually, or all together if possible.
> There are references to using Nexus, but only Nexus Pro supports OBR
> from what I can see?
> I'm up for suggestions on alternative solutions as well; the main goal
> is that I shall be able to deploy my bundles + deps in Karaf. Maven does
> not have to be used at all really, although I need some way for
> different Gradle projects to find dependencies from some other projects
> (which are not part of the same multi-project).
> Any ideas or discussions to put me on the right track is appreciated!
> Thanks!

Ferry Huberts

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