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From Bulu <b...@romandie.com>
Subject Deploying maven central jars to OBR
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 07:09:11 GMT

I have my jars in my local maven repo, they typically come from central.
I develop my own bundles and deploy to my remote OBR using 
maven-bundle-plugin: the bundles are uploaded and the repository.xml is 
updated. Good.

Now I want also to push the needed dependency jars coming from central 
to the OBR. (my OBR is really just a web space, no nexus or so).

For this I can update the remote repository.xml using the 
maven-bundle-plugin directly, for example:
mvn org.apache.felix:maven-bundle-plugin:2.4.0:deploy-file ^
-DrepositoryId=my-repository-id ^
-Durl=scp://path/to/my/obr ^

This updates the repository.xml, but does not upload the jar.

To also upload the jar, I tried:
mvn deploy:deploy-file ^
-DrepositoryId=my-repository-id ^
-Durl=scp://path/to/my/obr ^


But this fails with
Error: (...) Cannot deploy artifact from the local repository

How should I push jars from my local maven repo (or directly from 
central) to my OBR?

Thanks & regards

As a side note: when installing the bundles from an OBR in gogo, the 
whole process mentions no error, although the installation failed...

g! deploy "com.vaadin.themes"
Target resource(s):
    vaadin-themes (7.1.14)


(here really no "com.vaadin.themes" was installed, as the download from 
OBR failed)

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