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From Tim McIver <tmci...@verizon.net>
Subject Several versions of a bundle in an OBR?
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2014 03:07:07 GMT

I'm new to OSGi and am currently making my way through "OSGi in
Action".  I wanted to create a repository.xml using bindex.jar that
contained two versions of one of the paint application bundles so I
un-jarred square-4.0.jar, updated "Bundle-Version" to "4.1", re-jarred
and ran bindex on the 'paint-bundles' directory which contained all the
original bundles with the new square-4.1.jar as well.  Unfortunately,
the resource entry for the new square jar was obviously incorrect as it
had some strange values:

<resource id='Untitled-1854610702/0.0.0'
symbolicname='Untitled-1854610702' uri='paint-bundles/square-4.1.jar'
. . .

Probably I don't understand the way bundles and/or OBR work.  Could
someone please shed some light on my ignorance?

Thank you,

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