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From Alejandro.E...@miranda.com
Subject iPojo workflow
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:29:14 GMT
I was wondering what kind of workflow some of the people in the mailing 
list use for developing with iPojo. Can some of you give me some details 
of how the normal development cycle of changing code, building, 
provisioning, running goes?

The one I was using before we needed Java 8 was:
1) Modify the code
2) The iPojo nature plugin did the bytecode manipulation in the .class. 
All this automatically and within eclipse, just as soon as you did CTRL+S
3) The Tycho Configurator + maven-bundle-plugin did the manifest 
generation including the IPOJO-Components, also within eclipse and as soon 
as you did CTRL+S
4) I ran (by restarting the OSGi container every time) using PDE with 
equinox by just setting the iPojo bundle as part of the target platform 
and my bundles with the iPojo components  ran from the workspace (i.e. as 
exploded jars)

This was a pain to configure for new developers and you had to remember to 
enable the iPojo nature in projects that had ipojo components since it was 
not added automatically by m2e
Now that the iPojo Nature doesn't work well with iPojo 1.12 i'm thinking 
of some better workflows. I am thinking of something like this

1) Modify the code
2) run mvn package to construct the jar already manipulated (via 
maven-ipojo-plugin)  and the bnd-ipojo-plugin to ipojo'ize the manifest
3) provision the jar to a running instance of equinox, maybe just moving 
the jar to a file watched by felix file-install. This way i won't have to 
restart the container every time

Some problems I foresee with the new workflow are. 1) you need to run 
maven every time, which is slow, so maybe the whole chain will not be 
triggered with just CTRL+S but with an explicit action to start the whole 
pipeline when the developer is ready to test. 2) i need to find a way to 
move the jar to the file-install folder, probably via some maven hack 
(unless someone has an idea on how to provision directly to equinox via a 
maven plugin or something?)

Any other workflow you guys can share will help me. I am looking for 
maven-friendly workflows since at the end I need to be able to build the 
production bundles in a central Jenkins build

Thank you

Alejandro Endo | Software Designer/Concepteur de logiciels 

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