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From Dawid Loubser <da...@travellinck.com>
Subject Re: Anyone using OSGI bundles for high volume OLTP applications
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2014 12:52:10 GMT

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Hi Dharmender,

This is probably a bit off-topic for the Felix mailing list, per se, but
let me give a quick response.
We run a pretty large, highly-concurrent supplier integration
infrastructure using OSGi. Many concurrent processes interacting with
all sorts of supplier systems over HTTP/SOAP, and lots of internal data
transformation, filtering, etc.
This runs in JBoss 7, as the back-end to a Java EE front-end / EJB + JPA
for storage.

We used to run a JBI-based ESB (Apache Servicemix), where all internal
communication was via XML. The performance and flexibility increase
moving to pure OSGi has been incredible.
OSGi, unlike Java EE, does not manage threads for you at all. It's up to
you to decide how the concurrency will work - and in general, you have
to write all your OSGi services in a thread-safe manner.

Our JBoss front-end just bombards our OSGi system with as many
concurrent calls as needed, and because all our OSGi services are
stateless and thread-safe, it all just works.
We manage our own concurrency (for example, limit number of concurrent
calls to a particular supplier) by using Java Executors with fixed
thread pool sizes, etc - in each OSGi service that needs this.

Off the bat, there are certain things that Java EE gives you that makes
your life much easier than with OSGi, but for other problems, the
modularity, classloading, and hot-pluggability on a per-component level
of OSGi is best.

I think we could only give you good advice if you tell us a bit about
the type of system you are building. For example, OSGi excells at short,
synchronous processes. If you need long-running processes with a lot of
asynchronicity, where you never want to lose process state, Java EE does
quite a bit better. This is why we have a hybrid. Most good Java EE
servers (JBoss/Wildfly, Glassfish) allow you to build nicely-integrated
OSGi + EE systems.

have fun,
Dawid Loubser

On 14/03/2014 14:14, Dharmender Goyal wrote:
> Hello
> I am evaluating use of OSGI bundle based design to replace an existing
high volume, multi-user (1000+)  J2EE implementation. My prototypes are
working but want to know of any potential issues with deadlocks,
performance, security, scalability etc.
> Is there anyone using OSGI bundles for large scale implementations,
possibly with JBoss, WAS or Tomcat? Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Dharmender Goyal
> dgoyal@yahoo.com

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