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From "Mark Derricutt" <m...@talios.com>
Subject OSGi and JDK8 Status?
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 19:56:43 GMT
Hey there,

Has anyone tracked what the status of Felix/OSGi is under JDK8 (targetted bytecode) etc. is

So far AFAIK:

  - maven-scr-plugin broken due to ASM 5 not being released, so doesn't support new bytecode
  - maven-bundle-plugin broken due to BND also not supporting JDK8 bytecode, or source code

Any one know if Pax-CDI works? iPojo?

Felix/Karaf itself all seems to work fine running UNDER JDK8 once I added the jre exports

Has anyone built up -SNAPSHOTS of the above two plugins with SNAPSHOTS of dependencies to
get something working so that once JDK8 is officially released ( or better, once the RC is
released ) that broader testing of OSGi based apps can go forth.


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