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From iamtakingite...@eientei.org
Subject Delegating loading of resources which are not in any package (in root of the osgi bundle jar)
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2013 00:27:16 GMT
Hello, i am trying to OSGify a non-OSGi library which is relying on 
loading resources from root of itself, resources which are not in any 
package, using something like 

I know that i could perform setContextClassloader() in a thread, but 
which classloader to choose? I need one, which would be able to load 
resources from root of any bundle, but is there any pre-made solutions 
for that? Currently i am using own classloader, which is iterating over 
all bundles from the system until it finds a match for resource, but i 
wonder if there any better solutions.


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