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From Bruce Jackson <Bruce.Jack...@myriadgroup.com>
Subject Felix http service, whiteboard, DS and HttpContext
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 16:37:56 GMT
Hi All

Does anyone use the Felix http service, DS and the whiteboard with a
custom HttpContext?
I can register a servlet with DS and the whiteboard, but it doesn┬╣t appear
to hook into my custom HttpContext. I have the component.xml below for
both the servlet and the HttpContext. Any pointers would be helpful.

<scr:component xmlns:scr="http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/scr/v1.1.0"
   <implementation class="com.myriadgroup.httptest.TestServlet"/>
   <reference bind="setHttp" cardinality="1..1"
interface="org.osgi.service.http.HttpService" name="HTTP" policy="dynamic"
   <reference cardinality="1..1"
interface="org.osgi.service.log.LogService" name="LOG" policy="static"/>
   <property name="alias" type="String" value="/test"/>
   <property name="contextId" type="String" value="foobar"/>
   <reference cardinality="1..1"
interface="org.osgi.service.http.HttpContext" name="HttpContext"

<scr:component xmlns:scr="http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/scr/v1.1.0"
   <implementation class="com.myriadgroup.httptest.MyContext"/>
      <provide interface="org.osgi.service.http.HttpContext"/>
   <property name="contextId" type="String" value="foobar"/>

Best regards



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