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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: How can you suppress Managed Service Factory from being displayed on Configurations tab?
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 10:43:24 GMT
Hi Hugh

The Web Console Configuration Manager tab allows for changing all configuration stored in
the Configuration Admin service and/or described by the Metatype Service. Hence existing configuration
is always displayed even if not described.

There is also currently no such thing as read-only configuration. Because at then end of the
day: everything can be stored in a Configuration object and the Configuration Admin service
does not care about it (as long as the data types of the configuration are supported).

Now, the Web Console is not destined at regular passers-by users but at system administrators
which can be expected to be knowledgable. So I don't this is such a huge problem -- but that's
me ;-)

To your question: While you cannot hide the configurations as of today, there would be a number
of options:

(a) define an empty descriptor file for the factory PID. This will then just show empty forms
for the configuration. Such configurations can still be "unbound" or removed.

(b) we add a Web Console configuration option to select whether to show or hide existing configurations
for which no Metatype descriptor exists (such an option does not exist yet and would be an


Am 25.06.2013 um 00:27 schrieb Rodgers, Hugh:

> Hello -
> We have Managed Service Factories (MSFs) that we programmatically create and configure
at runtime. We do not want these MSFs to be displayed on the Felix Web console's Configurations
tab to prevent user from attempting to modify these MSFs. We had achieved this by not specifying
a OGSI-INF/metatype/metatype.xml file for these MSFs, but with our recent upgrade of Felix
these MSFs are now displayed on the Configuration tab. (possibly due to FELIX-3227 ticket's
> How can we suppress these MSFs from being displayed on the Configuration tab? If this
is no longer possible, is there a way to make all of the fields in the metatype.xml be non-editable?
> Thanks -
> Hugh

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