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From Andreas Sewe <andreas.s...@codetrails.com>
Subject Re: Gogo shell: Display a banner at shell startup?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 16:36:05 GMT
Hi Richard,

> I believe you can override the gosh_profile file by putting it in an
> etc/ directory either in user.dir or whichever directory you set via
> gosh.home config property.

thanks, that works very well. :-)

One question, though: Why does a String-returning banner() command not
display anything in gosh_profile when using "banner", when it works when
using "banner | cat"? As far as I can tell from the source code, the
gosh_profile file is 'sourced', so I would expect "banner" to behave the
same, whether entered on the command line or 'sourced' from gosh_profile.

But that's just a minor issue; I am just curious of why there is a

Best wishes,

Codetrails.com - the knowledge transfer company

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