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From Stuart McCulloch <mccu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: BND and javax.* packages
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:47:19 GMT
On 2 Nov 2012, at 17:19, Christopher BROWN wrote:

> Hello,
> Using current builds of BND (GitHub/Cloudbees), and referring to the
> documentation for BND, I'm observing odd behavior.
> It seems that BND only adds "javax" packages automatically to the
> MANIFEST.MF when the ".bnd" file contains NO "Import-Package" directive.

Do you have a wildcard at the end of your Import-Package directive? Without a wildcard bnd
won't add to your list of packages.

bnd's default Import-Package is "*" which will be expanded to include all necessary imports.

If you specific an Import-Package of "foo" then bnd will only use your given imports.

If you want to add or extend packages to Import-Package, but still want bnd to expand it to
include any necessary packages then use "foo, *" (ie. with a wildcard at the end)

If you want to remove packages from the generated Import-Package then use something like "foo,
!bar, *"

> However, I need to add explicit headers because BND can't guess the
> version ranges, so I add the headers manually with the version ranges.  And
> suddenly, BND doesn't seem to detect and add the "javax" packages any more.
> Therefore, I'm getting ClassNotFoundExceptions from Apache Felix at runtime
> (with the helpful message telling me that the JDK and Felix export it)
> because there's no Import-Package header.  This is similar to "classic"
> classpath problems in Java in that the failure occurs only when a specific
> code path is executed...
> I can test this by adding a dummy line such as:
> javax.sql.DataSource = null;
> ...anywhere in the bundle.  This only fails when the JVM reaches this code,
> it doesn't prevent the bundle loading.  Apache Felix obviously can't detect
> the problem when resolving the bundle because it's not explicitly imported,
> because BND isn't adding it.
> However, if I put say "javax.foobar.*" in my directive, BND gives me a
> warning.
> Is this a bug in BND ?  Is there a way to make it "grumpy" so that it'll
> refuse to build my bundle if my imports are wrong?
> Thanks,
> Christopher

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