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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Upcoming version of felix framework
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:38:47 GMT

On 11/21/12 05:19, Per-Erik Svensson wrote:
> Hi people,
> I am just wondering if there is any roadmap available for the felix
> framework. My question is basically when a felix version comes out that is
> not compiled with jsr14.
> In general, what is the suggested way of running osgi on Java 7? Will we
> have to go up to the new versions of the osgi apis too or will 4.3 ever be
> available without the jsr14 compilation issue?
> I know I could just recompile everything (osgi apis and felix) without the
> jsr14 flag but this does not feel like a viable way forward in the long
> run. So, is there any time frame available for when one can start using
> Java 7, the public osgi apis and the felix framework?

No, there is no roadmap, but I've been meaning to get to it. The next 
release will definitely not be compiled with jsr14, since it is already 
that way in trunk. I'll see if I can make the time to prepare something 
over the next two weeks.

-> richard

> Regards,
> Per-Erik Svensson

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