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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Web Console multiline input/state of Wicket-based console
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 11:47:43 GMT
Hi Oliver

Am 13.06.2012 um 06:11 schrieb Oliver Lietz:

> Am Thursday, 31. May 2012 schrieb Felix Meschberger:
>> Hi Oliver,
> hello Felix,
> thanks for your answer.
>> Am 30.05.2012 um 14:32 schrieb Oliver Lietz:
>>> hello all,
>>> is it possible to input multiline String values in Web Console
>>> Configuration somehow? If not, is it enough to patch config.js?
>> Currently we don't support multiline fields because we just have "String"
>> propery type and it is not easy to find out whether single-line or
>> multi-line content should be filled.
>> I could imagine improving this situation with a dynanic client-side
>> approach (yes, config.js is the right file to hack, particularly the
>> createInput function): If the fields exceeds a certain number of
>> characters the text input is converted into a textarea. Likewise if the
>> user hits "enter" and likewise if the string already exceeds a certain
>> size or contains CR/LF a text area is created upfront.
> I'm working on a configurable UrlRewriteFilter 
> (http://www.tuckey.org/urlrewrite/) and the filter takes its rewrite rules 
> from a multiline string (modRewriteConfText). Not sure whether using textarea 
> or a multivalue property which gets merged into a multiline string makes more 
> sense, yet.
> Is there a reason not to use a single row textarea (rows="1") by default?

No ;-)

Never treally thought of this. But this could be a way to the solution. Something like:

  * textarea always
  * if value contains CR/LF:
        * as many rows as CR/LF
        * unless there are more than say 5 CR/LF
  * add keyboard event ensuring rows > 1 when
      user hits return

>>> What is the state of Wicket-based console? Is it dead?
>> I don't know of any Wicket-based console .... The goal of the web console
>> is really to be as light-weight as to be able to operate in limited
>> resources environments. So light-weight not only means KB but also Java
>> API requirements.
> Should have asked this on the Karaf list...
> http://karaf.apache.org/index/subprojects/webconsole.html
> I'm fine with the Web Console as it is, but would like start hacking on the 
> "latest" one. (I'm on Karaf/Sling)

Sure, welcome ;-)


> O.
>> Regards
>> Felix
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