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From Thierry Templier <thierry.templ...@restlet.com>
Subject Re: Using bundle update method
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 11:57:30 GMT
Hello Karl,

Thanks very much for ther link. However, I think that I'm in a 
particular use case... Let me describe it.

I have three main bundles:

- An HTTP server one. It starts / stops and configures an HTTP server. 
The internal server is exported as an OSGi service.
- Application ones. They provide application to the server as OSGi 
services. They don't export anything... All instances are internally 
instantiated in these bundles and provided through services.
- An installer one that listens service registrations / unregistrations 
and deploy / undeploy application against the server.

The bundles to update are the application ones. If I correctly 
understand, classes from application bundles need not to be used anymore 
to allow updating. Am I right?

Moreover is there a tool to detect which classes from other bundles 
still use classes of application bundles?


> You might have to refresh?
> http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-osgi-faq.html#ApacheFelixOSGiFAQ-bundlenotupdated
> regards,
> Karl

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