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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: equinox/felix behaviour with lib/endorsed
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:32:32 GMT
On 4/23/12 08:13 , Guillaume Yziquel wrote:
> Le Thursday 19 Apr 2012 à 09:38:55 (-0400), Richard S. Hall a écrit :
>> On 4/19/12 09:36 , Guillaume Yziquel wrote:
>>> Le Thursday 19 Apr 2012 à 09:32:27 (-0400), Richard S. Hall a écrit :
>>>> No.
>>>> The main difference if you are running inside of Eclipse for
>>>> Equinox, then boot delegation will be automatically set. But if you
>>>> are using Equinox and Felix from the command line directly, then I'd
>>>> expect them to be pretty similar.
>>> Then, from what I see, if you put a .jar in lib/endorsed in a karaf
>>> framework, there is a difference: turning karaf.framework from equinox
>>> to felix does change the ability of a bundle to see the .jar in
>>> lib/endorsed. Not sure of why yet, or whether or not it is a karaf-only
>>> issue, but I do perceive a difference. Will dig into that. Thanks a lot.
>> Do this: Create a simple bundle that tries to access a lib endorsed
>> class. Then install and start it in plain Equinox and Felix and see
>> what happens.
> With relevant exports in custom.properties (the
> org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra), both Equinox and Felix work
> fine. Without, only equinox works.

I assume you mean with relevant exports (for system bundle) and imports 
(in the bundle), then both work.

I think that is the correct behavior, no?

If it is not exported, then it should be visible, unless I'm 
misunderstanding your scenario.

-> richard

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