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From Gary.How...@thomsonreuters.com
Subject RE: Problem building war
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 10:52:10 GMT
Hi Felix,

I guess it's a combination of naivety on my part and the fact that I've
also been trying to deploy to an Eclipse Virgo installation and I was
thinking "Tomcat" rather than pure OSGi. I seem to be having trouble
switching from the J2EE way to the OSGi way.

>From your comment I assume that I just need to create a bundle that
handles an HTTP Service and I will effectively have OSGI servlets (if
that's not mixing metaphors too much). Still not quite sure how I
configure stuff like the servlet URL.

Ultimately I would like to have OSGi WebServices as well. Do you know of
any good references on how to create OSGi Servlets/WebServices?


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From: Felix Meschberger [mailto:fmeschbe@adobe.com] 
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Subject: Re: Problem building war


I wonder, why you want to build a WAR file ?

Generally an OSGi bundle is just a plain JAR file with some more
Manifest attributes (we call them headers) and maybe leveraging OSGi
functionality. This bundle is then directly deployed into an OSGi

This all has nothing to do with WAR files and Servlet Containers etc.


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