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From Andreas Pieber <anpie...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Deploying bundles across "equal" nodes...
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 09:56:34 GMT
An alternative solution might be the apache karaf cellar project

Kind regards
On Oct 10, 2011 10:32 AM, "Jean-Philippe Clement" <
jeanphilippe.clement@sogeti.com> wrote:

> => http://fabric.fusesource.org/
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Philippe
> Quoting DEBROUX Lionel <Lionel.DEBROUX@atos.net>:
>  Hello,
>> I have a use case for deploying bundles (which may have transitive,
>> versioned dependencies) accross several LAN nodes all installed with
>> the Felix framework.
>> The main goal is to have, for each node, the ability of:
>> - (1) acting as a server for bundles towards other nodes
>> - (2) downloading and installing bundles from other nodes, since all
>>      nodes provide (1)
>> Each node would also be expected to:
>> - (3) have every downloaded and/or installed bundle automatically
>>      appearing as available for download to other nodes.
>> Therefore, the use case is a step beyond the standard model, where
>> client nodes are in most cases constantly downloading from a known
>> and predefined "central" OBR.
>> The point is to:
>> - enhance robustness, in case remote OBRs are unreachable when the
>> need to deploy bundles to other nodes arise.
>> - favor deployments within local node neighbourhood, by exposing
>> bundles to a set of nearby nodes.
>> Example:
>> Nodes A, B and C belong to the same network neighbourhood N1
>> Nodes C, D and E belong to the same network neighbourhood N2
>> - C gets and deploys bundle Foo from E using (2)
>> - as a member of both N1 and N2, bundle Foo becomes then available
>> to all members of N1 and N2 because of (3) and (1)
>> - E dies
>> - A and B can get and deploy bundle Foo from C rather than from E.
>> I'd like hints on how to best use the OBR infrastructure to achieve
>> (1), (2) and especially (3). Maybe it needs to be modified ?
>> Or maybe there are better solutions than the OBR infrastructure ?
>> I looked at OBRs because the OBR client can download from multiple
>> OBRs, and transitive dependencies are handled.
>> However, I noticed that:
>>    * updating OBR XML files takes some work. There's the Maven plugin,
>>      but I'd rather not use that in production, there should be
>>      something leaner;
>>    * when deploying a bundle, ResolverImpl.deploy() calls
>>      BundleContext.installBundle() but does not keep a separate copy
>>      of the bundle, which I'd like to do;
>>    * dumping the local repository to XML form, through
>>      DataModelHelper.**writeRepository(), is easy, but there are no
>>      URIs for the bundles in there. As a consequence, even if I
>>      exposed the local repository XML file on the network, OBR
>>      clients wouldn't be able to install the bundles.
>> For demo purposes, I can build a custom solution, starting by exposing
>> through servlets directories containing bundles. In fact, I have been
>> given some code that does just that. From that point, I have made some
>> rough code to download and install individual bundles into the target
>> framework.
>> But for production use, I'll want to provide some higher-level
>> information (bundle symbolic names, dependencies, etc.) and handle
>> transitive dependencies... which brings me back to the already
>> invented OBR wheel :)
>> Thanks in advance for replies,
>> Lionel.
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