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From Peter Kriens <peter.kri...@aqute.biz>
Subject Re: Maven Felix Bundle plugin (BND) - How to tell BND to ignore the jars inside of WEB-INF/lib
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 05:21:38 GMT
Looking forward to this!

Kind regards,

	Peter Kriens

On 23 aug 2011, at 23:42, Matt Madhavan wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> That is no problem. Actually it will be my pleasure. I'm a big beneficiary
> of the tools you and the PAX folks like Toni et all. Glad to have a chance
> to give back something to the community . I want to make sure that you know
> that the application I got from the IBM RedBook Site was already and OSGi
> albeit with no Maven, ITest (nothing) etc
> These are the things I have done!
>   1. Take the vanilla OSGi Bank application from IBM Red Book
>   (SG24-7911-00)
>   2. Created Bank Parent POM project and Child Bundle projects including
>   ITest using PAX - Note that I also created an Embedded derby datasource
>   bundle which the IBM project did not have. I also created a datasource
>   fragment bundle to load data into the DB. I did this to demonstrate
>   fragments to other developers who are new to OSGi
>   3. I used Maven Felix plugin (osgi.bnd file to customize).
>   4. Used mvn pax:provision to run the app in Felix Console
>   5. ITested using PAXExam
> But my client is RAD/WAS based. So I wanted to convert the PAX/BND/Maven
> based project so that RAD will understand them. This will make it easier to
> create an OAGi Application Bundle(very IBM RAD  specific) and deploy to WAS
> (RAD will create bundles on the fly - using underlying Eclipse PDE) create
> an EBA and deploy. Now the developer can even deploy. This is just a nice
> feature to have, If nay thing I encourage them to do everyhting out side WAS
> as it is very slow.
> The above step took me the most of time! I will clean everything and send it
> to you.Like I had mentioned before I need to change the bundle names/package
> name's from my client's reverse domain name to some thing generic.
> Any idea on the domain name?
> Will keep you informed.
> Thanks
> Matt
> On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Peter Kriens <peter.kriens@aqute.biz>wrote:
>> Well, at least your experiences and feedback would be appreciated. I can
>> take that to the guys local here and they probably would not mind distribute
>> it as an OSGi app as long as it also runs on older envs.
>> Kind regards,
>>       Peter Kriens
>> On 23 aug 2011, at 19:29, Matt Madhavan wrote:
>>> Hello Peter,
>>> Couple of things! I agree with you and let the BND do its thing. Also not
>>> sure why IBM guys had so many jars in the bundle classpath. I can see may
>> be
>>> something like a struts.jat and sitelib.jar being there and not commons!
>>> Also looks like the dependency to orag.apache.log and other Avalon
>>> dependencies come from PAX Logging bundles. Not sure why they would need
>> to
>>> be referencing to these? In any case they are marked optional.
>>> The app works fine when deployed to Felix using mvn pax:provision. When I
>>> deploy to WAS it says my web bundle has a required dependency to
>>> org.apache.log and fails. Its actually a transient dependecy.
>> Unfortunately
>>> the IBM OSGi Console is not really a good tool! Like equinox or Felix
>>> console I cannot trace the missing transient dependency at all. If the
>> EAB
>>> fails to load it shows nothing - zip!
>>> Actually the bank application I took from IBM was from the IBM RedBook on
>>> OSGi/JPA. The app was already in OSGi and I converted it to use PAX and
>>> Felix Bundle Plugin, ITests etc. I'm now trying to convert this app to be
>>> RAD friendly and now I'm running into all kinds of issue with RAD/WAS.
>>> If you are interested in this app, I will have to change the Package
>> names.
>>> I currently has the package name of my client's reverse domain name. I'm
>> not
>>> sure if I can give it out like that. I will change it and publish it when
>>> its ready.
>>> Thanks
>>> Matt
>>> On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 3:08 AM, Peter Kriens <peter.kriens@aqute.biz
>>> wrote:
>>>> Well, you should let bnd do its work, these dependencies are really
>> there
>>>> and potentially reachable from the code. It is just a sign how messy the
>>>> current development is that we like to ignore they exist ...
>>>> However, you want to get rid of the warnings. What you can do in the
>> maven
>>>> plugin is ignore certain imports with the bang (exclamation mark).
>>>>      Import-Package: !org.apache.log, *
>>>> Or better, make them optional:
>>>>      Import-Package: org.apache.log;resolution:=optional,*
>>>> You can use wildcards with the bang as well as the optional. I know it
>>>> sounds like busy work but I think it is crucial to realize that you got
>>>> these trojans and space wasters in your WAR file.
>>>> Don't forget the * at the end.
>>>> Could you send me your project after you've done this? I know some
>> people
>>>> here in IBM Montpellier that were thinking of taking the bank app and
>> port
>>>> it to OSGi. I understood they are the authors of this app.
>>>> Kind regards,
>>>>      Peter Kriens
>>>>> Hello Peter,
>>>>> As posted in an earlier post (actually a reply to your reply) I have
>>>>> stringent requirement from my client that everything I do as far as
>> OSGi
>>>>> development process, must run seamlessly with in IBM RAD and WAS env.
>> But
>>>> my
>>>>> OSGi development process is mainly of BND and PAX based!
>>>>> So as a POC I took an example from IBM RedBook called the bank
>>>> application,
>>>>> and converted (created a new project from scratch) using PAX and BND.
>>>> Now
>>>>> I'm trying to convert the project so that RAD will recognize if as OSGi
>>>> RAD
>>>>> project etc. After a lot of frustrating hrs and days I'm close to make
>> it
>>>>> work in RAD env.
>>>>> Only problem is the example has bunch of JARS inside the WEB-INF/lib
>>>> folder.
>>>>> The same jars deploy just fine when deployed as part of the original
>> IBM
>>>> RAD
>>>>> Bank app.
>>>>> But when I build a bundle (including generating the
>>>>> the BND tools introspects the WEB-INF/lib jars also! This results in
>> some
>>>>> missing transient dependencies to old Apace Avalon org.apache.log
>>>> packages.
>>>>> I have no idea how this happens! Not sure which bundle is referring to
>>>> this
>>>>> package at all!
>>>>> Question is how do I tell Apache Maven Plugin to ignore the jars in
>>>>> WEB-INF/lib folder while generating the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file? One
>>>>> option will be to hard code the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF,  but I really do
>>>> not
>>>>> want to do that! Any ideas please?
>>>>> Thanks in advance!
>>>>> Matt

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