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From Jim Talbut <Jim.Tal...@groupgti.com>
Subject RE: Recommended approach for consistent deployment
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 09:14:09 GMT
Marcel (and others),

Thanks for the suggestions.

My problem is that I need to ensure that I can quickly (and automatically) produce a test
environment that is the same as a live karaf instance.
Given that I also need to be able to zap it and start again the simplest solution ought to
be the maven-pax-plugin, but I can't get Pax Runner to produce an environment identical to
a standalone Karaf instance.

File Install and shell commands are not ideal because of the need to zap it and start again
with a precisely known configuration (I'd need to write code to start/stop/clean the environment).

Apache ACE ought to be the ideal tool for managing live environments, but it's not ready for
release yet (I couldn't get the version I checked out to actually deploy anything).

So I think that the correct approach is a combination of pax-runner (for test) and ACE (for
live), but neither is quite able to do what I need right now.
Does anyone have a platform definition file for Pax runner that produces an environment identical
to the out of the box Karaf?



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