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From Erik Froese <erik.fro...@gmail.com>
Subject Fileinstall not reading .config files
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:32:52 GMT
Can anyone tell me how to use the richer syntax in a .config file and
have felix / fileinstall / configadmin pick it up and apply it either
on startup or during the fileinstall poll?

Maybe I misunderstood something but I think the fileinstall should be
able to read in a .config or .cfg file from the load directory (or
whatever it's configured for). When it sees a .config file it should
read it in with the same syntax that it saves bundles configurations.

The .cfg files are read in as simple java.util.Properties files where
everything is a string. I can't specify a list or map in these files.
Everything gets wrapped in quotes and shoved into the configured
attribute as a string.

The .config file syntax allows for collections using syntax like:
some.property = [ "value1", "value2" ]

I configured fileinstall to monitor the $FELIX_HOME/load/ directory
for bundles and config files. I was watching the process with dtruss
(on a mac) and a debugger and I see java reading .cfg and .config
files. The content of .cfg files is loaded into the running bundle
configuration but the .config file doens't seem to affect anything.


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