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From Daniel Faber <m...@daniel-faber.de>
Subject Re: Any way to login karaf sshd non-interactively?
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 19:51:06 GMT
On 16.02.2011 09:32, Forrest Xia wrote:

> Current karaf sshd feature allow user to login karaf shell via ssh client,
> but it requires password to authenticate? Is there a way to make the feature
> like popular ssh server that authentication is via ssh certificate file, no
> password prompt?

I don't know karaf, but if I understand your question correctly, karaf
provides a ssh server that only supports password authentication but you
want to login in a non-interactive way.

It is possible to do non-interactive ssh password logins with a tool
called sshpass.  In ubuntu the package is also calles sshpass.

From man page:

sshpass  is  a utility designed for running ssh using the mode referred
to as "keyboard-interactive" password authentication, but in
non-interactive mode.

ssh uses direct TTY access to make sure that the password is indeed
issued by an interactive keyboard user. Sshpass  runs ssh in a dedicated
tty, fooling it into thinking it is getting the password from an
interactive user.

This is what you want, isn't it?

You can provide the password to sshpass via a file, stdin or just on the
command line.


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