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From Dan H <hussdl1985-fe...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: Embedding Hibernate in an OSGi bundle using maven-bundle-plugin is hard
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 14:41:44 GMT
Just found out that a similar issue has already been addressed here:

I checked out the current trunk, only to find out that the problem
remains. Looking at the code was very helpful, I now suspect that the
problem is actually caused by a cyclic dependency that causes
MavenProject.getArtifacts() to return an incomplete (?) collection in

The cycle exists in dom4j-1.6.1 which depends on dom4j-1.5.2 which
depends on jaxen1.1-beta which depends on dom4j-1.5.2 (see

This is backed up by the dependency plugin which states:
[INFO] The following files have been resolved:
[INFO]    antlr:antlr:jar:2.7.6:compile
[INFO]    c3p0:c3p0:jar:0.9.1:compile
[INFO]    cglib:cglib:jar:2.1.3:compile
[INFO]    commons-collections:commons-collections:jar:3.1:compile
[INFO]    de.huss:kurt:jar:1.0.0:provided
[INFO]    dom4j:dom4j:jar:1.6.1:compile
[INFO]    javax.transaction:jta:jar:1.1:compile
[INFO]    junit:junit:jar:4.6:test
[INFO]    mysql:mysql-connector-java:jar:5.1.12:compile
[INFO]    org.apache.felix:javax.servlet:jar:1.0.0:provided
[INFO]    org.apache.felix:org.osgi.compendium:jar:1.4.0:provided
[INFO]    org.apache.felix:org.osgi.core:jar:1.4.0:provided
[INFO]    org.apache.felix:org.osgi.foundation:jar:1.2.0:provided
[INFO]    org.hibernate:hibernate-c3p0:jar:3.3.2.GA:compile
[INFO]    org.hibernate:hibernate-core:jar:3.3.2.GA:compile
[INFO]    org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.5.8:compile
[INFO]    xml-apis:xml-apis:jar:1.0.b2:compile

All of the dom4j dependencies are missing.

I assume it is not easily possible to detect this situation since no
exception appears to be thrown by MavenProject.getArtifacts() when a
cyclic dependency stops the resolve process.

Anyway, I'm giving up on Maven integration. Thanks again for all your help.


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