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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Glassfish OSGI and Felix
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 16:09:26 GMT
Good point. I will try on Felix trunk and see what happens...

-> richard

On 3/4/10 10:55 AM, Sahoo wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> embeddedgf approach should be followed if you have a need to embed 
> glassfish in an existing OSGi runtime so that you don't end up with 
> two OSGi runtimes. As already answered, if you don't have such a 
> requirement, then better to stick to the standard glassfish start up 
> sequence, i.e., start glassfish launcher and let it start Felix for 
> you. That's what has been tested by GlassFish team more than any other 
> startup sequence.
> Having said that, embeddedgf approach should also work. I don't know 
> what is making you to conclude about missing dependencies when you 
> follow the instructions in that blog to embed glassfish in felix. I 
> have a feeling Felix is probably taking longer to ensure a consistent 
> class space because of some resolver limitations in Felix. To work 
> around this resolver limitation, GlassFish uses a slightly different 
> system package export list (e.g., JAXB and JAX-WS packages are not 
> exported by system bundle). You can try out by using config.properties 
> distributed by glassfish (found in 
> glassfish/osgi/felix/conf/config.properties). I have tried this 
> successfully. I know Felix dev team, Richard in particular, are 
> working very hard to improve this aspect of Felix resolver and they 
> have already made significant progress. If you used latest trunk, you 
> might not even face this problem.
> Thanks,
> Sahoo
> Larry Touve wrote:
>> Hello,
>>   I've been rapidly learning the ins & outs of OSGi and was wondering 
>> if any others were in similar situations as we are.  We are 
>> re-architecting an existing web based system using an OSGI based 
>> framework.  We currently create an ear file that is deployed to a 
>> JBoss server.  We are moving an architecture where we deploy bundles 
>> to an OSGi framework.
>> I have an existing Felix 2.0.1 installation and have tried 
>> (unsuccessfully) to deploy Glassfish V3 using Sahoo's embeddedgf 
>> activator<http://weblogs.java.net/blog/ss141213/archive/2010/02/14/how-embed-glassfish-existing-osgi-runtime>.
>> It installs all of the bundles and seems to start some of them, but 
>> there seems to be some unresolved dependencies, and the domain 
>> doesn't start up.  Has anyone tried this with any success?
>> My next approach was to simply start up Glassfish, then use the Felix 
>> framework that Glassfish starts up.  I have dropped the Felix Web 
>> Console bundles in the autodeploy directory and everything starts up 
>> fine - I can access the domain root page, the GF Admin console, and 
>> the Felix Web Console.  I was curious to see what other's opinions 
>> were as to this scenario in a production environment (starting up GF 
>> and using its Felix, as opposed to starting up Felix, then deploying 
>> GF to it).
>> We are looking at Glassfish vs. something lightweight like Jetty or 
>> Tomcat for a couple of reasons: we will be using JMS and JDBC 
>> datasources, and more importantly Glassfish V3 has been approved and 
>> accredited for the system we will be deploying to.
>> Thanks,
>>  Larry
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