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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: OBR, File Install, bindex, repository.xml generation- related questions
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 18:13:37 GMT
On 10/5/09 20:03, Matthias Neubert wrote:
> Hello,
> today I've got some questions regarding OSGi Bundle Repository 
> implementation of Apache Felix project.
> 1.
> I read about Peter Kriens tool bindex to generate a repository.xml for 
> an own bundle repository server from OSGi-Bundle Infos (Manifest.mf)
> This sounds good, but the blog article was quite old and I didn't 
> found the tool on Mr. Kriens website, it only was attached
> at this blog article.
> -> I this tool still working with current OBR version?
> -> is there some documentation available
> -> if its updated: is there an alternative?

I think that is the version and it still works.

> 2.
> Currently I work with File Install for watching a folder to install 
> Bundle Jars which are copied in there.
> Now I planed to use OBR to resolve all referenced Bundles from an own 
> Bundle Repository Server.
> I want to tell OBR to first download all required Bundles into the 
> folder file install watches, and let fileinstall do
> the installation work.
> -> Currently OBR just downloads the Bundle directly into felix 
> cache,and then installs it (which works proper)
> -> Is there some more documentation an usage examples for the OBR Api?
> (I want to write my own Bundle Management GUI as an OBR client)
> -> the best thing for my would be i I could tell OBR to use a given 
> download folder and (in order to avoid conflicts) to tell OBR not to 
> try to
> install and start (because this ist fileinstalls job in my scenario)

The current documentation is sparse, but probably sufficient:


You could just call resolver.resolve() and then get its list of bundles 
and make copies of them...of course, this isn't truly equivalent to 
doing resolver.deploy(), since deploy() tries to be smart. Another 
approach is to record the current set of installed bundles, then do 
resolver.resolve() + resolver.deploy(), then compare the resulting set 
of bundles. Any changes can be manually downloaded from the OBR repo to 
your local directory.

-> richard

> It would be nice if you have some hints for me.
> regards
> Matthias
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