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From Eric Blanchard <eric.blanch...@alcatel-lucent.fr>
Subject maven-bundle-plugin: howto force Export-Package
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 07:53:46 GMT
Hi all,

I have some troubles to build a WAR bundle under maven
with maven-bundle-plugin 2.0.1 and maven-war-plugin.

I have used:

the maven-bundle-plugin produces the right Bundle-Classpath in the
manifest with all the jars of my maven dependencies. The result is fully
compatible with the war packaging.

Now, I want to place some packages coming from my embedded dependencies
in the Export-Package (I need to expose a package containing annotations
possibly used by other bundles (with DynamicImport- or
resolution:=optional imports)).

When I place these packages in the <Export-Package> directive of
maven-bundle-plugin, they are not taken into account and won't
appear in the Export-Package: manifest directive.

Is there a mean to force what is specified in <Export-Package> to be
written in the produced manifest ?

I suspect that it is linked to the Warnings emitted by the
maven-bundle-plugin complaining about the absence of the dependencies.
[WARNING] Warning in manifest ... No sub JAR or directory
It seems normal to me, as the manifest is generated before the war
layout is constructed.

Does someone have some workaround ?

Best regards


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