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From Matt Tennant <mtenn...@4home.com>
Subject restarting bundles from outside framework
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:14:49 GMT
Hi all,

It seems like there should be a simple solution to my problem.  Occasionally the device with
our software (deployed within Felix framework) is shut off when it is in the middle of restarting
a bundle.  If this happens, then when everything is restarted that bundle my be in an "installed",
rather than "active", state.

We don't have any bundles installed that we don't want started whenever the framework starts.
 But we do need to use the bundle cache, so we can't wipe it out and start from scratch each
time.  So, is there any way of telling Felix at startup that all installed bundles should
be started, even if they weren't running before?  I didn't see anything obvious at:  http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-framework-usage-documentation.html#ApacheFelixFrameworkUsageDocumentation-configuringframework

On a related note, especially if there is no solution to the above, has anybody figured out
a good way to issue framework commands from outside the framework?  For instance, if I have
the external telnet port set up (where framework prompt is available via telnet), then I can
issue framework commands via a script that connects over telnet.  But telnet isn't installed
on the host device, so this only works from a computer on the network.  I'd be very interested
in another way of doing this that doesn't require a telnet program.  If I have to, I'll try
writing a c program to communicate over tcp/ip to the telnet port, but I'm hoping for a cleaner

So, problem 1) start Felix and force all installed bundles to start, no matter where they
left off.  Problem 2) issue framework command to a running Felix framework from the same host

Thanks for any advice!

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